Ruth Tatter's  Watercolors 
Old Favorites
Ruth Tatter: Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat
Ruth Tatter: Phillipine Eagle
Phillipine Eagle
Ruth Tatter: Marsh Hawk
Marsh Hawk
Ruth Tatter: Cheetah
Ruth Tatter: Found Objects
Found Objects
Ruth Tatter: Frog
Ruth Tatter: Gossips
Ruth Tatter: Autumn Aspens
Autumn Aspens
Ruth Tatter: Blackie
Ruth Tatter: Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever
Ruth Tatter: Porkupine
Ruth Tatter: Sea Otter
Sea Otter
Ruth Tatter: Steller Autumn
Steller Autumn
Ruth's watercolors are represented by Marigold Arts on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. 
You may also inquire about purchasing her artwork by emailing her in care of this website.  Please click here for an email form.

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Some subjects are never exhausted.  We focus on different details – the patterns of bark, the contrasts of light, the texture of fur.  I believe that if you become familiar with even a part of a place, its details, you have in some way touched it all and that the whole is an expansion of its smallest components.
The Animal Paintings
Although animals most frequently regard eye contact as a sign of aggression, we associate gazing into a creature’s eyes as some mysterious, magical connectedness with its inner reality, its soul.  Yet even when we capture, study, or tame these wild beings, the essence of their lives remains a mystery.  Perhaps there is an ancient bond that explains our attraction to wildlife.  We don’t have to justify an animal’s existence by its usefulness to us.  Its right to exist comes from that shared bond. As Art Wolfe puts it, “Conservation is not, ultimately, about saving this species or that one.  It is about saving the process, power, and mystery of creation…everyone alive is an environmentalist.  Some realize it, and some don’t.”
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